What Version of Internet Explorer Do You Have?

As Microsoft introduces new versions of Internet Explorer is it important to know which version your office is using to ensure it works with, and is supported by, AdvancedMD. Use this brief guide to find out what version your office is using and how to update, if needed.

Determining What Version You Use:

From any page within Internet Explorer please select the settings button, within the menu that is then opened please select the last item on the list, “About Internet Explorer.”wv1

Choosing this option will open a dialogue box within internet explorer that will contain information about Internet Explorer, including what version your office is currently running. If you are running Internet Explorer 9 or lower your office will need to upgrade.

How to Upgrade Internet Explorer

The easiest way to update your browser is to turn on automatic updates. See this post for instructions on how to turn on automatic updates. If your office chooses to update manually you can do so by going to the Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Page located at: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/download-ie   This page will automatically detect what version of Internet Explorer you are using and give you options and instructions for updating.

wv3Additional Resources

Please see the Microsoft knowledge article at the following link for more information on Internet Explorer:


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