Microsoft Internet Explorer Bug

A new Microsoft bug was discovered on Saturday, 04/26/2014, that affects versions of Internet Explorer 6 – 11. Microsoft confirmed Saturday it is working on a fix, but as of Monday no ETA has been announced. Microsoft typically releases security patches on the second Tuesday of each month, with the next one being on Tuesday, May 14th. It’s unknown if a fix for this will be released before May 14th or not. Microsoft has confirmed a fix will not be issued for web browsers running on XP, after support for the operating system ended on April 8th.

What Does This Mean For AdvancedMD Users?

One of the most important things users can do is ensure automatic updates are enabled on their computers, so “important” updates get downloaded and installed automatically. We recommend users always install the latest versions of Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office (as soon as we have certified new versions). Options to help use AdvancedMD safely until a Microsoft fix is patched. Only one is required, not all:

  • Only use the computer to run AdvancedMD PM and/or EHR. Since we use no Flash in our applications, users who only use their computer to run our application(s) are not at risk.
  • Use Internet Explorer for AdvancedMD applications, and use Firefox or Chrome for everything else. Firefox and Chrome are not vulnerable to this bug, and Internet Explorer isn’t vulnerable if you don’t visit malicious or compromised websites that run on Adobe Flash (have Flash Applets).
  • Disable Adobe Flash. To Disable Adobe Flash, within an Internet Explorer window click on Tools and select “Manage add-ons”


Under Adobe Systems Incorporated, select “Shockwave Flash Object”, and click Disable. ManageAddons Users needing to access AdvancedMD training videos should not choose this option.


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