FAQs: 2013 Medicare Fee Schedules

The new Medicare fee schedules are now available in AdvancedMD PM software for your state(s), carrier, and locality.  So what is the next step for your practice?

Action is required on your part so that you can use the fee schedules to add a new version to your current Medicare fee schedule.  Click here for step-by-step instructions. 

Medicare Fee Schedule FAQ’s

1.  How do I access fee schedules from AdvancedMD Practice Manager? Master Files menu | Fee Schedules and locate the Medicare fee schedule (in the Description field it will start with ‘#MCR13…’)  

2.  Which Medicare fee schedule should I use in my office key?    Most clients will use the standard Medicare fee schedule.  Institutional Billing Users should use the fee schedule appended with an F (facility).

3.  How do I use the new fee schedule to create a new version in my existing Medicare fee schedule?  Step One:  Select your existing custom Medicare fee schedule and click the Add button.  Step Two:  In the Source Fee Schedule field, select the appropriate new #MCR13 fee schedule.  Step Three:  If desired, select the Increase all charges by check box and enter a percentage to increase all charges by a specific percentage.  Step Four:  Enter the Begin Date for this new version and click OK.  Note:  Click here for more detailed step-by-step instructions.

4.  Where can I view the actual Medicare Fee Schedule?  Click here to view the CMS website for more information in regards to fee schedules.

5.  Why are default fee schedules not made available for commercial carriers?  These can’t be provided because the allowable amounts for commercial carriers are based on your individual contracts for each provider.

6.  How can I copy a fee schedule?  In Master Files Fee Schedules, simply select the desired fee schedule you want to copy and click the Copy button.  Enter the name and make any other desired changes as needed.  See the Help File for more details.

7.  How are allowable fee schedules used in the system?  An allowable fee schedule can be linked to a patient’s financial class, indicating the amount of money an insurance carrier will allow for a procedure.  Using allowable fee schedules is encouraged as this will assist you in posting payments to identify discrepancies between your the carrier’s payment and your contract with them. 

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