Windows 8 and AdvancedMD

Microsoft released Windows 8 on October 26th, this is the biggest change to Windows since Windows 95. Windows 8 will continue to run most (if not all) existing Windows applications, but it will also begin to push an entirely new style of applications based on Microsoft’s new Metro UI. Metro has been designed to give Microsoft a place in the new world of “slate” devices (like Apple’s iPad, and Android tablets) and smart phones.

  • Metro is the default UI. So, if you prefer the traditional Start Menu that was introduced in Windows 95, you’re out of luck.
  • Even in Desktop mode, you don’t have a Start Menu. So, how do you find a program that you want to run? Start typing the name of the app. What if you don’t remember what it’s called, but you remember where the icon lived in your Start Menu? You’re pretty much out of luck.
  • If you live in Windows Explorer, you’re in for a bit of a challenge to find it in Windows 8. It’s there, somewhere, but Microsoft really wants you to believe that your desktop or laptop PC is a slate device.
  • There are two versions of Internet Explorer (or three, if you’re running 64-bit Windows 8): Desktop Mode and Metro Mode. Metro Mode won’t run ActiveX controls, which means that the mountain of websites and browser-based applications that exist out there (including AdvancedMD PM and EHR) won’t run in Metro Mode.

Windows 8 RT is a version of Windows 8 that runs on new ARM-based tablet devices. (ARM used to make the processors for Windows Mobile handheld devices, like the iPAQ.) These new devices are very, very cool, and I hope they give Apple and the Android tablet manufacturers some competition. But they are NOT Windows computers, any more than an iPad is!

Windows RT will not support ActiveX controls or Win32 APIs, so many existing websites and most Windows applications will not be supported. Basically, you’re limited to websites that use HTML5 and other current W3C standards, as well as applications that are specifically written for Metro.

What does this mean for you as a client?   Even though the look and feel of windows 8 is quite different, your experience with AdvancedMD should not be much different.  especially once you get logged in to our system.

If you’re looking to utilize a tabled for use with our software, MS Surface is not for you,  Surface will notwork with our iPad app or our software.   The Apple iPad is the leader in the industry and advancedMD is focusing it’s efforts at this point to the iOS platform.  Cross tablet support is not in the near future of AdvancedMD if at all.

To sum it all up, we fully support Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 as long as you are in Desktop Mode.  If you are looking to add a tablet to your office, the Apple iPad is the only option at this time.  After spending some time with Windows 8, my opinion is that once you get over the fact that the start menu is now a full page tiled interface, it’s not much different than Windows 7, once inside our applications, you won’t notice a difference.  It’s always a little unnerving to upgrade to a new OS but this transition should be smother than previous upgrades.

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