The New ‘My ICD-10 Timeline’ Website

The My ICD-10 Timeline website makes it easier for practices to stay up to date on the most important ICD-10 news, resources, trainings, and upcoming webinars.

I am thrilled to share some details about an important milestone the ICD-10 Posse has reached with the My ICD-10 Timeline website.  As your partner in transitioning to ICD-10, we know your time is valuable.  You don’t have hours to surf the web for the latest ICD-10 news.  Let us simplify the process and provide you with the top resources in the industry to ensure you are fully prepared for the transition.

The website will also let you know of any AdvancedMD ICD-10 resources, documents, and upcoming webinars in our ICD-10 webinar series.

AdvancedMD has also created a Phase Approach in tackling the ICD-10 transition, very similar to other implementation strategies out there.  To take it one step further though, we have created an ICD-10 Implementation Planning Guide (Trail Map) that takes you step-by-step through the process.  Get this guide and other important resources on the ICD-10 website.

The Trail Map is the foundation of our ICD-10 website.  You can easily track where you are in the phased approach by following the Timeline.  The website shows you valuable tools AdvancedMD is providing throughout each phase to help you accomplish the specific goals within each phase.

The ICD-10 deadline is fast approaching.  Don’t risk disruption to your revenue flow by lack of preparation. There are steps you need to take now to ensure your success, but you are not alone in this process.  The time is now to take advantage of all the valuable resources the My ICD-10 Timeline has to offer to ensure a successful transition to ICD-10.

Be sure to subscribe (for free) to the website by clicking the Subscribe link to get important updates emailed to you.  You can even determine what types of updates you would like, based on your role in the office.  With AdvancedMD, it is so easy to stay updated on everything ICD-10-related!  You can also follow the ICD-10 posse on Twitter.

Click here to start your successful implementation today by following our website.

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