ICD-10 Vendor Readiness

All of the leading experts in the health-care industry are stressing the importance of contacting your vendors to assess their readiness for ICD-10.  It is vital that they can accommodate your needs for ICD-10, right?  Of course!

Have you contacted your vendors yet?  Let’s get started on your homework right now!

Below are the questions we recommend asking all of your vendors.  For your convenience, I have also saved you a call by also providing the responses from your “favorite” vendor – AdvancedMD.

Vendor Readiness Questions & AdvancedMD Answers

ICD-10 Transition Q&A

When will your system be updated?

AdvancedMD:  Currently we have already made some ICD-10 related changes to our products, such as giving you the ability to import ICD-10 codes in the PM.  Other configuration-related changes have been made behind the scenes.  You can count on us to fully update the system well before the Oct 2014 compliance date, to give your office time for testing.

Are there any costs involved in system upgrades or other ICD-10 modifications?

AdvancedMD:  There is no additional charge to get your office key upgraded and fully functional for ICD-10 as it is included within your monthly subscription fee.  We will also be offering free webinars and ICD-10 product trainings.  Subscribing to our ICD-10 website is also free.

Are there hardware requirements associated with ICD-10 related software changes?

AdvancedMD:  There are not any new hardware requirements specifically for ICD-10.  Please view our System Requirements page as requirements will change as technology advances.

Product-Specific ICD-10 Features Q&A

What screen modifications are expected in the system?

AdvancedMD:  In additional to adding ICD-10 fields throughout the system, charge entry screens will be equipped with a mapping tool to help coders select the appropriate ICD-10 code.

ICD-10 Testing Q&A

What is your testing strategy?

AdvancedMD:  All ICD-10 system modifications will be tested extensively prior to being released.  We will start internal ICD-10 testing with our clearinghouse RelayHealth in 2013.  Clients will be able to test live ICD-10 claims 6 months prior to the Oct 2014 compliance deadline.

ICD-10 Training/Resources Q&A

What ICD-10 training(s) will you be offering?

AdvancedMD:  Our ICD-10 Posse is working hard to help ensure your practice a smooth ICD-10 transition.  Be sure to visit and subscribe to our free  ICD-10 website where you can view all of our upcoming webinars on topics such as:

  • ICD-10 Implementation Planning
  • ICD-10 Impact Assessment
  • Physiology & Anatomy Training
  • Clinical Documentation – Chart Audits
  • ICD-10 Code Set Training

What other training and ICD-10 resources do you recommend?

AdvancedMD:  There are some excellent ICD-10 resources out there to help you stay informed on ICD-10 news, training resources, and other helpful tips.  Our posse has collected the best of the best for you on the ICD-10 website.

My ICD-10 Timeline Website

AdvancedMD is your partner in transitioning to ICD-10.  Our comprehensive ICD-10 implementation strategy was created with your needs in mind.  With AdvancedMD, you can feel confident that your Practice Management and Electronic Health Records systems will be compliant and fully functional prior to the October 1, 2014 deadline.

Our newly launched ICD-10 website contains the ICD-10 Implementation Planning Guide (Trail Map) and an Assessment Tool to walk you through the transition process, including links to upcoming webinars and valuable ICD-10 resources.

You can also follow the ICD-10 posse on Twitter.

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