5 Key Software Features to Review Now for ICD-10 Transition

Everyone is talking ICD-10!  We all know this major shake-up will rock the health care industry.  Preparation is your key to surviving this huge transition.

Hopefully you are already identifying and reviewing needed changes to your documentation,  work flow and office processes, considering your training needs, and budgeting costs to convert to ICD-10.

But what about your software?  In the AdvancedMD’s PM & EHR, you have already seen upgraded functionality and you will continue to see ICD-10 enhancements.  We are definitely on track to providing you a fully functional and tested ICD-10 PM and EHR product by the October 2014 deadline.

So the software will be updated – awesome!  But what features within the software will you need to update for ICD-10?

Don’t forget that with ICD-10 there are rarely 1:1 relationships, so some existing templates and other areas in your office key will require updating on your end.  Read below to start planning now for these needed changes.

Practice Manager (PM)

  • Charge Slips:  You will need to update your existing Charge Slips with your most common ICD-10 codes.  Give yourself some time for this overhaul because ICD-10 codes are much more specific.  AccessMaster Files | Templates | Charge Slip Templates
  • Diagnosis Codes:  You can start importing ICD-10 codes now so that you can start becoming familiar with them now!  AccessMaster Files | Diagnosis Codes | Diagnosis Codes | ICD-10 Tab

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • Note Templates: ICD-10 will require you to capture greater details of patient visits.  Start reviewing your templates now to identify where changes needed to be made to allow you to code with a higher level of specificity.  AccessAdmin | Templates | Note Templates
  • Problem Lists:  If you use this optional feature, you will need to update these diagnosis codes to ICD-10 for your patients.  Access:  Patient Chart | Patient Chart Header | Problem List
  • Patient Reporting & HealthWatcher Plans:  If you have created custom reports or HW plans to look for diagnosis codes, you may wish to add another line to these to include any applicable ICD-10 codes.  Access:  Tools | Patient Reporting or Admin | HealthWatcher | HW Templates

Don’t put the future of your practice at risk by postponing the ICD-10 conversion.  Start today to plan for your successful transition!

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