2015 Medicare Fee Schedule

The 2015 Medicare Fee Schedule is now Available.

You can update your current allowable by doing the following:

Access your fee schedules by going to Master Files|Fee Schedules.  Click on the allowable fee schedule you want to update from the table at the left.


Once you have your current allowable fee schedule chosen, click the ADD button.  This will open the Add New Fee Schedule Version window.  Change your Source Fee Schedule to the 2015 Medicare schedule, and check the increase all charges by box at the bottom of the window.  Input the percentage you would like to increase the Medicare Fee schedule.  In the Target Fee Schedule box, put in the begin date you would like the fee schedule to start. Click OK.


At this point your fee schedule will be updated with the correct amounts for 2015.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support by phone at 888-700-9060, email at support@advancedmd.com or by inputting a web case from the support page.


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