AHIMA’s ICD-10 Checklist – Phase 1

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in just one day.  And although it cannot exactly be compared in size, the task of transitioning to ICD-10 seems just as overwhelming.

Some claim the impact of ICD-10 on the healthcare industry is more serious than the Y2K bug.  In any case, none will dispute the need to be ready for this major transition, involving much more than learning a new code set.  But how does one prepare?

In our research, we have found a very valuable resource to help a practice plan for the transition:  AHIMA ICD-10 CM/PCS Transition:  Planning and Preparation Checklist.  The first phase identified by AHIMA involves developing a plan to implement ICD-10 and doing an impact assessment that should be completed the second quarter of 2013.  Here are the key phase one steps recommended by AHIMA, and some related tips/input from AdvancedMD:

  • Develop a steering committee to oversee the ICD-10 transition  (Contact AdvancedMD so we can add your ICD-10 contact(s) to our email list for upcoming ICD-10 webinars and trainings)
  • Identify the transition goals and strategies of your practice (Be sure to watch AdvancedMD’s website for details to attend upcoming ICD-10 webinars)
  • Provide ICD-10 awareness training to staff
  • Create a project plan to implement ICD-10, including deadlines & resources
  • Develop an ICD-10 Implementation budget (Refer to the ICD-10 Cost Predictive Modeling Tool by HIMSS for assistance, but remember there is no additional charge for your software upgrade)
  • Assess your training needs (AdvancedMD will offer webinars  – details TBD)

No matter what checklist your practice uses, be sure to create a detailed plan for the ICD-10 transition.  Check your list once, check it twice!  The ICD-10 transition will happen to all of us – whether we are naughty (and don’t prepare), or nice!

  ResourceAHIMA ICD-10 CM/PCS Transition:  Planning and Preparation   Checklist.

Click here for more answers to questions when it comes to the AdvancedMD side of the ICD-10 equation.

 AdvancedMD ICD-10 Website

Stay up to date with our new interactive timeline website that is now live! Get help to define, plan, train, test, and implement ICD-10.  Look for upcoming webinars.

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