Manual Settings: Internet Explorer Settings for AdvancedMD ActiveX controls

AdvancedMD’s PM & EHR applications utilize ActiveX controls to add the necessary functionality to Internet Explorer.  Because ActiveX controls run on your computer they are blocked by default.  The following instructions will walk you through setting up Internet Explorer so it only allows AdvancedMD ActiveX controls to install

  1. Click on the Tools Icon  in the top right hand corner of IE9 (or press ALT + X).
    Then Click on Internet options.

  2. Once you have made this selection you will see a new window with multiple tabs across the top. Click the security tab, then click the green trusted sites check mark.
  3. Click on the small box that says “sites”.
    1. On the line that says “Add this website to the zone” type in the following: https://*
    2. Press the Add button to add the website.
    3. Uncheck the “require server verification” box to allow a site that begins with http://.
    4. On the line that says “Add this website to the zone” type in the following: http://*
    5. Re-check the “require server verification” box.
  4. Drag the security level to Low for trusted sites. If the security level section says custom and has no slider bar, Click default level button and then proceed to set the level to Low
  5. Click on the Privacy tab and un-check the “turn on pop-up blocker” box. Once completed click OK button.
  6. Internet explorer is now configured for use with AdvancedMD PM and EHR applications, but the controls aren’t installed until you log in for the first time. Proceed to enter your username, office key and password. The system will pop up a window prompting you to install the ActiveX controls. These controls are necessary for functionality of the software. Windows may display a security prompt asking if you want to allow the program to run.  select yes each time you are prompted. Once all the controls are installed you are now ready to use AdvancedMD on your computer.



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