UPDATED: IE9 and AdvancedMD


This issue has surfaced with Internet Explorer 10, when using Windows 8.  It is affecting both the PM – Forms Tab and the EHR Bulk Upload tool.  Fortunately this same fix works for both IE 9 and IE 10.



AdvancedMD is now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 9 however IE9 has a bug that doesn’t play well with AdvancedMD.   This IE9 bug causes the EHR bulk Upload tool to lock up, and also causes IE to freeze when printing from the PM forms Tab within the Patient Demographics.   Previously our only solution was to downgrade from IE 9 to IE 8.  This is no longer the case.  We now have a windows registry patch that will fix these issues.  The following steps will walk you through installing this patch.

  1. Close all internet explorer windows, including any advancedMD windows that may be open.
  2. Click on the following link to download the patch IE9_Fix.zip.
  3. When Prompted select Save File and then click OK.
  4. Locate the file that was just downloaded.  (Usually in Libraries | Documents).
  5. Double click on the IE9_Fix.zip file. 
  6. Double click on the IE9_Fix.reg file. 
  7. Click “Run” on the Security Warning Alert.
  8. Click “Yes” on the User Account Control prompt.
  9. Click “Yes” on the Registry Editor window that pops up.
  10. Press “OK” on the new Registry Editor window.  It should say “successfully Added…”.
  11. The fix is complete.

Note: To undo the changes made by this patch, simply follow the same steps as above except use this file.  IE9_Fix_Rollback.zip Because this is an issue with IE9, which is not cloud based like AdvancedMD, this fix will need to be performed on every PC that uses the Bulk Upload Tool or the PM Forms.

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