If you’ve recently had claims come back with the error ‘REJECTED FOR RELATIONAL FIELD IN ERROR.>DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE’ it means the visit included a procedure code that Medicare considers non-specific. As part of the new HIPAA 5010 standards, when non-specific procedure codes are used, a corresponding description of that procedure is required.

A list of these non-specific codes can be found here:

To add a description to the procedure, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Patient > Trans Entry > Charge Entry. At this juncture very little changes. Fill out the screen like you normally would but do not hit “add”…yet.
  2. Click Extra Info > Enter the Description in the “Procedure Desc of Service” Field.
    1. You may type in the description provided in Master Files > Trans Codes > Charge Codes, Under “Description” (Not AMA)
    2. Hit Save and Close the screen. The screen will not auto-close and seemingly does nothing
    3. If all data elements have been filled out to your satisfaction, add it to the visit with the “add” button

Please Note: In order to modify the extra info screen for any given charge after it’s been added. You must first highlight the procedure and click Edit. Double clicking the charge will not suffice.

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