What’s a Reporting Portal?

The Reporting Portal is a new add-on Module introduced with the AdvancedMD 6.6 release.

This solution is catered for users that do not access the application or aren’t familiar with how to get around in the application.

This is also great for Billing Services that need to send reports on a regular basis to their own client base. All it requires is some basic set up to get your reports running on a schedule. For example, you could set it to generate reports on the first of every month and have the system deliver the reports for you on the same day.

The reports can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and it does not run inside of AdvancedMD so which means they don’t need access to AdvancedMD.

You have access to add as many users as you want to give these scheduled reports to. You can add as many or as little as you need.

You can tie users into a distribution list. A feature that’s especially useful to those who have multiple groups of people you’d want to reach out to, practices, labs, perhaps just providers or just the nurses, etc.

You control which reports each user is capable of receiving and the “viewed date” will tell you if the user saw the report or not.

You can customize the website to reflect your business by customizing the images and text on the site. We also enabled you to push out quick bite-sized messages to your clients or staff through the portal for efficient communication. Perhaps you want to tell the reader that the month was closed today (because the month always closes on the last day of the month, right?).

Above is a snapshot of the screen that allows you to set up: How often the report runs and who gets to see it.

To purchase this module, call: 888-700-9060. Options 1 then 4.

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