Batch 0 (Zero)

Batch 0 is the default batch within AdvancedMD. If production (payments, charges and /or write-off;s) is posted before connecting to a batch, that production will default to Batch 0. Trial Balance reports cannot be ran for batch 0, but all production posted to batch 0 will automatically be included in the next Day Close process. All transactions will appear on the Day Close Reports and claims will process normally (see below).

There are a couple of reasons why production is posted in batch 0.

  • A user is NOT currently connected to a batch and the Require Batches system default is not set to Yes. When production is posted, it will default to batch 0.
  • If the Require Batches system default is set to Yes, the user is NOT connected to a batch, and they are using the Online Charge Slip feature, the production will be posted to batch 0.

Several forms of validation have been implemented to prevent production from being erroneously posted to batch 0. Because of this, different warnings may appear indicating a batch should be opened. Should production show up in batch 0 when it shouldn’t, please contact the support team with as much detail as possible.

When the system default is not set to require batches, a user posting charges through Online Charge Slips will see that the charges are posted to batch #0 on the charge detail. However, in Charge Review, the charge posted through Online Charge Slips will show batch NONE whether or not the system default is set to require batches. Batch #0 and NONE indicate the same thing.

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