Balance not Automatically Going to Patient’s Portion

When posting payments, the balance remaining after posting an insurance payment will only move to the patient’s portion if Bill Next is selected, there are no additional insurance carriers to bill, and the patient’s financial class is not set to automatically write-off the remaining balance. Use the instructions below to see if a payment was posted with the status of Bill Next.

  1. Click the Patient Financial History icon.
  2. Select the patient whose balance did not correctly transfer.
  3. Select All Items and click Reload.
  4. Expand the line item to which the payment was posted.
  5. Double click on the payment to view the Payment Details.
  6. The status is listed in the Status column (see below).

If the payment was not posted with this status and the money needs to be moved, it will need to be done manually in Charge Detail. Please see the related help files (F1 key within AdvancedMD) for information on how to adjust the insurance and patient portions. If the remaining amount was written off, the write-off will need to be voided before you can adjust the portions.

If the payment was posted with the Bill Next status and there are additional carriers to bill, the balance will remain on the insurance. At this point you’ll need to rebill the claim to the next carrier in sequence for further processing.

If the payment was posted with the Bill Next status and there were no additional carriers, but the balance still did not  transferto the patient, please check to ensure if the patient’s Financial Class is set to automatically write-off any amounts not paid by the previous carrier(s).

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