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Configuring IE

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 action is required

During the testing of our spring release scheduled for February 22, we discovered an issue in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). This issue has been found to cause sporadic crashes for some users in AdvancedMD PM and EHR. If you are running IE11 you will need to install the latest Microsoft update to avoid this issue. To run the Microsoft update, use the link: Microsoft Windows Update or for more information about the update see: Microsoft Article KB2909921. Note: this only affects IE11 users.

Additional changes might be necessary

Running IE11 in Compatibility Mode will cause display problems throughout our PM and EHR applications. The below instructions walk you through how to turn off Compatibility Mode.

How to Turn off Compatibility Mode:

1. Click on the Tools Command Bar button. (See screenshot below)

Note: if you don’t see the Tools Command Bar,  Press and hold the Alt key while pressing and releasing the T key and the Tools menu will appear


2. Click on Compatibility View Settings. (See screenshots above)

3. To Remove a Website from the Compatibility View List in Internet Explorer:

Select a listed webpage address that you want to turn off Compatibility View for (i.e., advancedmd.com), and click on the Remove button. (See screenshot below)


4. Make sure all of the check boxes at the bottom of the Compatibility Settings window are unchecked.

5. Click on the Close button. (See screenshots above)

If you have completed the above directions, have installed the necessary Microsoft update and are still experiencing problems, please contact support at 888-700-9060.


Posted: Apr 11 2014 @11:35 am Resources