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Contact Management Center

Great News for our clients!

The new contact management center is now available!

This will allow ADP AdvancedMD Administrative Clients to manage some of the basic areas, for their communications with ADP AdvancedMD. (Support contacts etc…) The Administrators in your office may now update their Company Contacts, create new contacts, delete contacts and may update their Company Address as well.

  • No more sending emails to update your Support Contacts.
  • No more waiting to have your Support Contacts updated by our team.

Go to our Support Corner at:  Support.advancedmd.com/ Go to our support page and here you will find the Contact Management Center link.

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You may also request an emailed link be sent to your office Administrator by calling the Support Department at 888-700-9060.

Posted: Jun 25 2014 @4:00 pm Resources

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