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How to Find a CPID by Payor ID in Relay Health

This article is meant to be used as a reference to assist you in looking up CPID’s by Payor ID. It is also useful in resolving the Unbilled Tab edit you may see called “Carrier CPID must be 4 Digits and cannot start with a 0.”   Understanding Payor ID’s and CPID’s:

What is a CPID? A cpid is a unique, four-digit number that only Relay Health uses internally to identify payors. This number needs to be entered into your carrier master file if you plan on billing carriers electronically.

What is a Payor ID: A payor ID is a universal 5-digit number each carrier in the United States has been assigned. They can often be found on the patient’s ID card, or by calling the customer service line at the carrier. This number is not typically used in the ADP AdvancedMD Software.

How to Look Up Carrier Four Digit CPID’s Using the 5-Digit Payor ID on the Relay Health Website

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Posted: Aug 07 2014 @8:36 am Resources